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The Best Researchers in the World Present the Right Strategies to Prevent a Climate Catastrophe!

 We have developed many groundbreaking ideas that will change the world significantly.

We show in this book, with very simple strategies!
How we can

  • Lower the temperature on earth again!
  • Prevent the melting of the poles!
  • Stop the rise of the sea level!
  • How we minimize or completely prevent damage from tornadoes!
  • How to build earthquake-resistant houses with simple measures!
  • How to eliminate water shortages in all countries!

Various world governments have requested Fidegogard, a collective representing the world's foremost researchers and inventors, to invite the public to review our vast expertise, knowledge and research for the first time. International organizations and governments are solidly convinced that the content of this book will help solve the world’s most pressing concerns.

More about this book and the author on this page.


The book can be downloaded here for free without pictures.

It is only the text of the book.

THE BEST RESEARCHERS IN THE WORLD Present the Right Strategies to Prevent a Climate Catastrophe!
Book without pictures.pdf (2.11MB)
THE BEST RESEARCHERS IN THE WORLD Present the Right Strategies to Prevent a Climate Catastrophe!
Book without pictures.pdf (2.11MB)



New technology, fire fighting without water.

The advantages:

  • Faster extinguishing of the fire than by water, thus less property is destroyed but also less harmful CO2 is released.
  • No extinguishing water damage to buildings or their furnishings.
  • Much less insurance damage, insurance premiums will decrease as a result.
  • Cheaper extinguishing than with conventional extinguishing methods, because less personnel but also equipment is needed.
  • Faster extinguishing at the scene of the fire, as there is no need to lay out hoses and laboriously fetch water.
  • No freezing of water or hoses in winter.
  • No saltwater damage to vegetation when firefighting aircraft are fighting forest fires near the coast, since seawater contains salt that remains in the vegetation.

Everything around the car.

  • Less damage to a car in an accident, due to improved impact protection.
  • A new technology of how the car generates energy while driving, increasing the range of an electric car.

Another car windows technology.

  • Less weight.
  • No heating up in summer due to solar radiation.
  • No obstruction of vision due to dirty windows.
  • No damage caused by stone chips.

Energy savings of billions of watts of electricity daily, in homes, government offices, schools, hospitals, hotels!

  • With this technology, energy savings amount to billions of watts,
  • for the USA alone, on a daily basis.
  • Very low initial cost, relative to the savings.
  • Less energy consumption, less CO2 emission for the environment.
  • About $150 a year per household in savings.
  • Thousands of $ a year for businesses and government agencies.

Relieving the burden on crematoria, through faster incineration of corpses.

  • Bodies are burned much faster than with conventional method.
  • 1/4 of the time otherwise required.
  • No higher energy consumption.

A new energy storage technology and its transport.

  • Here, energy is stored without batteries and transported loss-free over hundreds of miles.

The fast and gentle euthanizing of pets.
Whether dogs, cats, guinea pigs or birds.
The animals do not have to leave their transport boxes and gently fall asleep in 5 minutes.
This method is much less stressful for vets and also the pet owner.
No injections, no chemicals, no holding the animals during euthanasia.


A new technology how to remove vermin, such as bed bugs, fleas, lice, rats, cockroaches, from houses, hotel rooms, kitchens.

  • All without pesticides or chemicals.
  • The rooms can be re-entered after one hour. There is no damage to food or objects.


Are electric cars, wind turbines, hydropower and solar energy really so climate-friendly?




Because also by these technologies, the climate on the earth is enormously warmed up.


Alone already thereby, that by the power production the generators and coils warm up.

But also the final consumers, warm up the climate.
Whether vacuum cleaners, cooking stoves, ovens, heating stoves, car, bus, and ship engines, the heaters, the air conditioners in the houses, the engines of the airplanes and steel furnaces in the factories.
All of these things contribute to global warming because they emit enormous amounts of heat into the atmosphere.
No matter what technology is used to generate energy!
All of them contribute to global warming.

We can easily ourselves, save CO2!
Billions of watts of electricity just by unplugging appliances at home and in the office, because washing machines, dishwashers, printers and other appliances, consume electricity, even when idle.
That is, if the devices are not switched on at all and only wait for us to use them, they consume between 6 and 13 watts of electricity.

Emitting less CO2 into the atmosphere

The forests exhale CO2 every day, because from the rotten wood, on the forest floor, escapes all the stored CO2, which is stored in the wood.
Also the heat, which is stored in the wood.
It would make sense to burn the rotting wood from the forest floor in combined heat and power plants and produce electricity and heat from it.
This would mean that less oil and coal would be burned and thus less CO2 would be emitted into the atmosphere.

We, Inventor Team Fidegogard, have been looking at climate data around the world and thinking about what we can do about the drought, floods, cold snaps and high winds.

If we want to give the world a breather and still live here, we need to develop a suitable strategy.
Because that's the only way we can get the world's climate back on track. We have developed a unique strategy for this in recent months, and it's actually quite simple if you take a quick look.
With the hard work and dedication of many people, we can keep our world in a livable condition for centuries and centuries to come.
Basically, if ten percent of the world's trees were planted each year in uninhabited areas that are not too dry and suitable for such vegetation, it would be a restful start. Large, specially organized tracts of land could serve this purpose, that not many trees would be destroyed in another forest fire.

These forest parcels should not exceed a size of twenty by twenty kilometers; The nearest forest parcel could be as little as three kilometers away.
These three-kilometer-wide firebreaks would be sufficient to ensure that a fire does not spread to the next forested area by sparks or through the soil and roots.
Where possible, lakes and canals could be created in these three-kilometer-wide gaps to collect valuable rainwater and provide additional water to the forest through evaporation and moisture.
These large forest parcels would offer the advantage of storing many warm atoms and largely counteracting global warming.
In addition, they could help reduce the impact of winds and storms.
But the woodlands would also be able to perform other tasks.
They could store enormous amounts of water that could counteract rising sea levels, as a mature tree stores up to 20,000 liters of water in its roots.

Likewise, the forest would absorb a large amount of CO2 in its trees and in return produce millions of liters of oxygen per year. And thanks to the shade of the trees, the soil would not dry out so quickly.
But if we proceed as rapidly as we do now and simply burn wood, coal, oil and gas, the world's climate will rise to a temperature of several hundred degrees. The earth has already experienced this in the time when there were no trees and no life here.
A considerable sum would have to be invested to reforest the world to any significant extent - but this sum is still many times less than having to constantly repair the current damage done to the climate.
Each tree helps store heat atoms that are permanently removed from the atmosphere as long as the tree or wood still exists. The wood just must not be burned, because the atoms would then float around freely in the atmosphere again and have a negative effect on the world's climate.

An empty stomach is not only filled by stones and sand.

Right now, more buildings are being built than trees and crops are being planted on earth - we, the inventor team Wolf from Garden, are now ready to effectively counteract this.
To do this, we want to offer our knowledge on how to develop more green spaces, forests and agricultural land in the world without giving way to residential areas, beach resorts or airports.
It is easy to use areas that seem worthless to people, and there are a large number of large areas around the world. With very simple means and in a period of about 15 years, it will be possible to help dry desert areas develop lush, green vegetation so that plants can be cultivated and animals bred.
This would also create the necessary habitat for people, animals and plants.
In the former desert areas, thanks to the greener vegetation, more water and hot atoms will be bound, which will also have a positive effect on the climate of the entire world.
We, the inventor team Wolf of Garden, show how easy it is to regrow trees, grains and vegetables in the dry areas.
For this purpose, it is only necessary to reunite two important elements that have gradually separated for hundreds of years.

The recipe is very simple: desert sand and dry areas must be reunited with water, and only two simple measures will permanently bring water back to these areas.
First, a two 200 meter wide canal must be dug from the oceans far into the countries that want to green their arid lands.
After the first 30 km, canals that will fill the large, purpose-built salt lakes and supply them with seawater will branch off to either side. On the one hand, these salt lakes will be used for fish farming, as fish grow faster in warm, shallow waters than in the oceans.
At the same time, these salt lakes will also be important sources of algae, as algae will play a key role in greening the arid lands, as algae and green plants from the salt lakes provide important nutrients and moisture.
In addition, fresh water - necessary for growing greenery in an environment and supporting the lives of people and animals in that place - will also be obtained from the salt lakes.

Coal, oil or wood will not be burned in the process; only thermals and evaporation from solar energy will be used for this purpose.
A second measure for a permanent water supply for the dry areas will be the installation of large pipelines, similar to those that transport gas and oil over land.
These pipelines will come from areas rich in fresh water.
Water, as is often mistakenly believed, is not scarce in this world, as more rain falls daily than people can consume in a day.
This water is merely unevenly distributed and often not clean enough for human consumption. Roads, railroads, power lines and telephone lines have been built by people around the globe, only we have forgotten the most important thing: We forgot to lay water pipes in drier areas to provide people, plants and animals with the basic necessities.
These pipes will also create additional habitat for humans.
No doubt these measures will take time, but we felt it was our duty to study the issue in depth.
It was not my intention to describe these measures in detail, but I feel it necessary to show how it is all too possible to save the world from the overheating of the atmosphere.

We wish you all the best for the future.
Kind regards

Volker Mothes

Let us enjoy this beautiful world for the millennia
to come.